Part-time Jewish education remains the most popular vehicle for Jewish education in North America and therefore presents one of the greatest opportunities to engage, inspire, and connect with families. Engaging families in dynamic and enduring ways during the limited hours of complementary education requires innovative approaches to Jewish education to meet the needs of modern families and communities.

Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Our ten agencies have each worked toward educational innovation within our own communities for some time. Recognizing that we are stronger together, we created Shinui: the Network for Innovation in Part-Time Education. We are working together to spark, nurture, and spread educational innovation within and beyond our ten communities.

Shinui strives to change the fabric of Jewish education through partnership across and within our communities. A team of consultants from each agency, work on the ground with local organizations to spark, nurture, and spread innovation. We seek to:

Spark Innovation

inspire organizations to rethink their approaches to Jewish education and
begin to experiment with new ideas

Nurture Innovation

partner with and support organizations as they develop, test, and deliver
innovative educational approaches

Spread Innovation

increase the number of families participating in innovative Jewish education by
extending the reach of current innovative programs and reaching more organizations