In each of our agencies, we spark, nurture, and spread innovation in our local communities. By networking together, we incorporate learning from colleagues to further spread innovative models of part-time Jewish education.


As the department of Jewish education for the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago, CFJE’s mission is to advance imaginative, compelling, collaborative, experiential Jewish education. CFJE seeks to serve the community as a convener of networks of education professionals; a research and development laboratory for new and innovative ideas for supporting Jewish education in Chicago; a thought leader across the broad spectrum of Jewish education; a facilitator of professional development and learning for Jewish educators, and a catalyst for systemic improvement of Jewish education in Chicago through strategic investment.


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The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland presents innovative models of Jewish education to local congregations through presentations and webinars. For those congregations interested in deeper explorations, JECC connects educators in Cleveland with educators in other communities.


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The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit supports innovation in congregational education through three local initiatives. CSI2 (Congregational School Improvement Initiative) has helped 9 congregations align their school and synagogue missions, train their education directors and teachers, and enhance their curriculum. Nirim, Detroit's congregational school teacher training program, offers 25 or more courses each year to congregational educators, free of charge, that target all phases of congregational school instruction. Hermelin Davidson Center for Congregational Excellence, provides Metropolitan Detroit congregations with funding, which enables congregations to think outside of the box and try new innovative programs. 


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The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston works with congregational principals to explore innovative models of congregational education in the Congregational School Principals’ Network. The Federation also connects educators across communities for deeper exploration of innovative models.

BJE convenes the Religious School Educators Network, focused on religious school innovation, best practices implementation, and collaboration. In addition, the Network hosts JEDCamp sessions, based on the international EdCamp model, which empowers educators as both teachers and learners.


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The Jewish Education Project partners with congregations in I*Express to explore new models of Jewish education and pilot their own models. Additionally, the agency facilitates networks of educators to introduce congregations to best practices in innovation. After many years of work in supporting innovation in congregations, The Jewish Education Project is working on sharing helpful descriptions of the models online. 

Through its programs LeV and Reshet, the Jewish Learning Venture works in partnership with congregations to explore and implement new models of congregational education. The agency also reaches out to congregations around the Philadelphia area through networks and various media to share stories of innovation.


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